Join the Dream Team.  

Amy’s Ice Creams Management Team

We are always on the hunt for fun, exciting, and engaging individuals who have a passion for people. Do you have the energetic spirit, enthusiasm for learning, and talent necessary to join our team?  \

Amy's is a 31 year old Austin, Texas staple that has always strived to live our mission statement, to “Make People’s Day.” We are aggressively hiring for a General Manager position. We are eager to find a new member for our team.

Within our management team we offer on the job training and mentorships. With a proclivity for hiring from within, Amy’s is a premier hot spot that rarely enjoys an open slot. Why wait to have the best full time job?  We want this to be the best job you’ve ever had until you open your own business.

With highly competitive wages, generous tips from our fans, flexible schedule, an internal education system second to none, and a highly qualified teaching staff,  Amy's is fun, educational, and the perfect stepping stone toward whatever career path you choose. We teach Open Book Management which offers not only transparency behind the financial curtain, but an opportunity to become a future entrepreneur and your own business leader.  Not only can you earn money to help you take that next step toward your dreams, but you can also earn your “MBAmys.”  Amy’s offers an internal education system that teaches its employees about service, leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. The best part is… we pay YOU to learn! Those with an entrepreneurial spirit thrive here.

Experienced trainers will educate you in four key areas.

Customer Service                        

As an ice cream professional, you don’t just serve delicious ice cream—you also make people’s day. As a “scoop,” you will build real relationships with the community and make new lasting friendships along the way.

Personal Finance                                            

The open-book system of Amy’s Ice Creams allows you to be a part of the team that builds the financial plan for the following year. You’ll learn to plan your own personal income statement, get monthly financial results including performance vs YOUR plan and most importantly, learn the tools to build a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Product Knowledge                                            

You’ll add “expert in deliciousness” to your list of credentials! As a cream slinger you get to create combinations that will make anyone’s day using our lineup of flavors, from classic Just Vanilla to Cherry Berry Margarita. Amy’s offers over 350 unique flavors of ice cream but we don’t stop there. If you have an idea it just might be added to the list!


For 31 years Amy’s Ice Creams has had a reputation of fun, passion, and charisma. We will teach you how to follow in this tradition and develop leadership skills to help you succeed in the professional world. As an emerging leader, you will be given the necessary tools to analyze your own emotional intelligence so you may enter the workforce and rise above the competition.



  • Your mission is to make people’s day

  • Serve as role-model in all areas of operations and customer service for your entire team

  • Take an active role in employees’ development, training, and communication skills

  • Perform all entry level and shift leader duties at a level of excellence

  • Managers should scoop 35 to 37 hours in position, using the other 8 hours for administrative focus, employee evaluations, planning marketing events, training, store maintenance, etc.

  • Must adhere to and promote all policies and procedures.

  • You will receive on the job training

Skill requirements/Qualification

  • Leader by example—constantly going above and beyond the call of duty

  • Excellent customer service

  • Excellent communication skills and dedication to employee development

  • Dedication to excellence in all areas of operations and customer service

  • Proactive problem solving that is solution oriented

  • Positive attitude with an extra dose of smiley happiness

  • Grace under pressure

  • Excellent money handling skills and attention to decreasing business expenses

  • Basic understanding of business and its inner working

  • Must be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd

  • Flexible schedule availability

  • 2+ years restaurant/food service/management experience

  • Proficient in restaurant POS systems, MS Office, MS Excel

  • Ability to handle strong artistic environment

  • Strong work ethic

  • Must be able to handle the unexpected

  • Problem solving, quality control, and priority assessment skills

  • Respectful and considerate of all employees and peers

  • Goal oriented

  • Creative

  • Sense of humor

Customer Service

  • Expected to provide the highest level of customer service at all times

  • Expected to conduct him/herself in a manner suitable to being a role model for his/her crew and others

  • Maintain a comfortable and inviting store environment at all times, including managing such factors as the music played in the store

Communication skills

  • Assertive without being threatening

  • Accept and use criticism well

  • Discourage gossip in favor of conflict resolution

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Active listening

Cost Control

  • Consistent and accurate portions—portion control problems in the staff will be promptly identified and retrained

  • In-depth knowledge of maintaining a business’ inventory

  • Experience managing and maintaining a healthy Cost of Sales number

Job Duties/Functions

  • Be prepared to answer employee questions while off-duty

  • Assist the manager in training and developing team

  • Hiring and interviewing, employee development and redirection

  • Determine and fulfill customers needs above and beyond expectations

  • Responsible for seeking out and implementing creative ways to maintain and improve store cleanliness and positive atmosphere

  • Understand and enforce health code requirements

  • Attend managers’ meetings

  • Provide immediate constructive feedback to employees

  • Utilize our redirection system on a regular basis

  • Attend and participate in monthly and weekly formal store meetings to discuss store operations and financials

  • Complete at least one redirection form or commendation per week and encourage other shift leaders to use it as well

  • Responsible for analyzing sales based on prior years sales

  • Able to react by increasing or decreasing labor

  • Check sales per hour vs labor per hour—use the $80.00 sales per hour per person rule

  • Monitor shifts and create a monthly marketing plan to boost sales

  • Track store sales daily, weekly, and for the period, setting goals for the staff

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to lift ice cream tubs weighing 30-40 lbs.

  • Repetitive use of wrists while scooping, crushing, and cutting

  • Repetitive use of wrists while using cash register

  • Long periods of standing (approximately 5-8 hours)

  • Bending, reaching, and squatting to clean and grab products

  • Pulling and pushing mop and other cleaning objects

  • Pulling and pushing large equipment to clean under

Successful management candidates will have:

  • - Vacation and sick time available

  • - Health benefits available

  • - Eligibility for 401 k plan after 1 year or 1,000 hours (whichever occurs first)

  • - Quarterly evaluations with potential for bonuses and raises

  • - A passion for making customers smile

  • - Self motivation under pressure

  • - The drive to learn and succeed!

If this sounds appealing, we would love to hear from you! You will never be bored working with our top notch crew. Please email a cover letter and resume today. Contact us soon, spots are filling quickly!