National Ice Cream Month

Amy’s Ice Creams lovers! We have some exciting news to share with you and cannot wait for you to be a part of it! The entire month of July we will be celebrating National Ice Cream Month with new and exciting themes every week of July! 

Each week we will bring back memorable ice cream nostalgia to people’s lives with an experience that will bring your fondest memories rushing back. We will be providing updates with in-depth information as we approach each week. Do not miss out on this retro experience!

Nostalgia Week: 7/04 – 7/10

Dive back into the wonder years of your inner child and let your imagination, bravery, and curiosity take you on an ice cream adventure like never before! 

After collecting our favorite customers’ core ice cream memories we invite you to visit with childlike eyes and try something new! Look for our Core Memory Containment Unit and put your ice cream fate in the hands of your inner child.

If you take a memory out you must

– Order their favorite ice cream

– Right your own core memory 

– Put it in the bucket

Upcoming Schedule:

  • July 4th find us at the Allendale Parade!
  • July 4th-10th come be a kid again!

Throwback Week: 07/11-07/17

Rewind the clock and have a Blast from the Past with Throwback Week! 


  • Teleport back to the 1980’s 07/11-07/17
  • Ice Cream of the Year
  • National Ice Cream Day 07/17
  • Grove location giving away tinies! 

Best Friend Week : 07/18- 07/24

Bring your best friends and Reminisce on your core memories or make your own! 


  • BFF Week
  • Cedar Park Grand Opening

Fandom Week : 07/25-07/31

Rep your Retro Fandom 


  • Celebrate your favorite Fandoms
  • Wizardly flavors!
  • Phil Clay Blood Drive