Join Us For The 17th Annual Trick Olympics

Get ready to experience an eight-week filled with irresistible treats and thrilling activities and a chance to win a year’s worth of free ice cream.

Table of Contents:

  1. Week 2: CREAM RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME (July 17th – July 21st)
    • Vending Machine Extravaganza
    • New Activities and Creativity Ignition
    • Chance to Win Free Ice Cream & Burger For A Year
    • Featured Flavors: “Get Churr-Own” and “In My Donut Era”
    • VIP Event
  2. Free Ice Cream & Burger For A Year Giveaway
    • How to Enter the Giveaway
    • Winners Selection and Announcement
  3. Ice Cream Adventure Zone
    • Nostalgic Experience and Activities
    • In-Store Event Teasers
  4. Round Rock Grand Opening Schedule
  5. Week 2 Activities:
    • Earn More Tokens
    • Art Parlor: Amy’s Ice Cream Themed Activity Sheet
    • Museum of Ice Cream Sprinkles Pool
    • Feature Flavors
    • Triple Berry Tres Leches
    • Vanilla Cake Explosion
    • Opera Cake
    • Featured Combos
    • Ariel
    • Sebastian
    • King Triton
    • Scuttle
  6. A Look Ahead..
    • Week 3: Barbieheimer
    • Week 3-8: Coming soon! Check back in a couple of days!
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Take a chance and try the Quest-O-Matic

Step right up and use a free token to turn the knob of Amy’s Quest-O-Matic, where a epic capsule awaits, filled to the brim with exciting prizes, free ice cream, discounts, and more! Remember, one turn per visit, and don’t forget to recycle your unused capsules in the bucket on the side for a sustainable twist.

Round Rock Grand Opening Schedule

Week 4: Join The Family

For week 4 we’re turning up the excitement to another level! Brace yourself for our epic Vending Machine extravaganza, New activities that will ignite your creativity, and a chance to win Free Ice Cream & Burger For A Year, once again!

Join us for an enchanting experience like no other as we bring the beloved Disney Princesses to life at Amy’s! 🌟

🦈 Indulge in the Shark Attack Cool Combo and Savor the Aloha Ice Flavor 🍦
Be prepared to taste the ocean’s finest delights as we present our exclusive Shark Attack Cool Combo and the refreshing Aloha Ice Flavor. These delectable treats are perfect for adventurers of all ages! 🏝️

🧜‍♀️ Meet & Greet with Ariel and Her Mermaid Friends 🌊
Get ready to meet the iconic Disney Princess, Ariel, along with other charming mermaids. Take photos, receive autographs, and create unforgettable memories with these magical characters! 📸

🎨 Dive into Mermaid-Themed Activities 🖍️
Unleash your creativity with our Mermaid-themed activity sheet! Kids and adults alike can partake in a sea of fun while coloring and solving puzzles fit for the underwater kingdom. 🎉

🎵 Immerse Yourself in Disney Music and Tropic Beats 🎶
Let the rhythmic tunes of Disney classics and tropical beats fill the air, creating a whimsical ambiance that will transport you to a world of fantasy and adventure. 🌴

Visit Today: 2132 N Mays St # 880, Round Rock, TX 78664

Free Ice Cream & Burger For A Year Giveaway

Brace yourself for the chance to indulge in your favorite Amy’s flavors and mouthwatering Phil’s Ice House burgers, absolutely free, for an entire year. This is a giveaway you don’t want to miss!

To enter the giveaway for a year’s worth of Amy’s Ice Creams and Phil’s Ice House follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit any Amy’s Ice Creams store.
  2. Fill out an entry form provided at the store. Make sure to provide accurate contact information.
  3. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.
  4. Drop your entry form into the provide box by the register.
  5. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted during the last week of the 8-week campaign (list the last Friday date). Keep an eye on your phone and email during this time, as we will reach out to notify the lucky winners. The winner will be officially announced on the following Monday.

While you wait, jump into a nostalgic experience with our ice cream adventure zone. Each activity comes with clear instructions and QR codes for easy access. Brace yourself for the next upcoming in-store event, as each activity will provide a tantalizing glimpse into what’s in store.

Round Rock Grand Opening Schedule

Week 5-8: Coming soon! Check back in a couple of days!

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