Join Us For The 17th Annual Trick Olympics
  • Scoops are the heart and soul of Amy’s ice creams

    The Amy’s experience begins and ends with our team behind the counter. Whether tossing ice cream, dancing to the Time Warp with customers, or serving the perfect sundae — our people are ice cream rock stars!

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Amy's team

  • Customer experience and company culture

    People are our passion. Help us make Amy’s great!

  • Leadership

    Your role at Amy’s can help foster your leadership skills. We’re here to support your growth.

  • Be yourself

    Your unique personality is what makes you, you!

  • Free ice cream

    Scoops for free — need we say more?

  • Squad goals

    Here at Amy’s, we support each other each and every day.

  • Get that bread (plus tips!)

    Competitive pay to enjoy the things you love.

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We are always on the hunt for bright, happy, and shiny individuals to make people’s day. Join the family and be #amysfamous

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