That’s the magic of Blanton Moo-seum Bliss, a dreamy new flavor brought to life by a seriously cool collab between Amy’s and theBlanton Museum of Art.

Amy’s, the heart and soul of Austin, and the Blanton Museum, Austin’s artistic heart, have joined creative forces in the name of ice cream – and trust us, it’s a vibe! Our newest flavor, Blanton Moo-seum Bliss (yes, you must “moo” to order it), starts with a canvas of smooth Sweet Cream ice cream. Add in the fresh, zingy kick of lemon juice, swirls of fluffy white cake from Baked by Amy’s, and ribbons of housemade blueberry jam for a burst of fruity sweetness that’s the pièce de résistance – and you’ve got one mouthwatering masterpiece.

But Blanton Moo-seum Bliss is more than just a super-delicious ice cream. It’s a celebration of the Blanton Museum of Art, the newly revitalized cultural institution in the heart of our city. Austin’s art museum is a hub of creativity, a space for artistic exploration, and a community treasure that continually inspires us to see the world in new ways​.

So, when you’re contemplating a scoop (or three) of Blanton Moo-seum Bliss, remember: this is a tribute to Austin’s vibrant arts scene, a salute to creativity, and a testament to the power of art in our hearts.

Why wait? Dive in and taste the magic for yourself!

Order Blanton Moo-seum Bliss

Put Second Saturdays First On Your Must-Do List ✅


New grounds. New art. And a whole new vibe. Our creative collaborators at the Blanton Museum of Art are kicking off their Second Saturdays events on June 10 from 3 – 8 pm on the new Moody Patio, where you can experience the art and architecture that helped inspire our Blanton Moo-seum Bliss ice cream. Chill out to live DJ sets, picnic on the lawn, and enjoy tours and exhibitions in the galleries – which are open till 8 pm.
The Blanton’s first Second Saturday will feature DJ Mahealani, a participatory Haas Brothers art activity, and tours of the museum’s collection highlights.

Wristbands range from $10 – 20; Blanton Members get in free.
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 A Sweet, Sweet Deal On Blanton Museum Memberships

In the spirit of creativity and to celebrate its new grounds opening, the Blanton Museum has a very special offer for our newsletter readers: 15% off any Blanton Membership level through June 15, 2023.

Museum membership not only helps support a beloved Austin institution and bring world-class art experiences to our community; it also gets you perks that include: year-round free admission to the museum, Austin by Ellsworth Kelly, Second Saturdays and all special exhibitions.

  • $4 garage parking
  • Museum Store discounts
  • tickets to members-only events

Redeem this fantastic offer:

Step 1️⃣: Visit the Blanton Membership page.

Step 2️⃣: Choose your preferred membership level

Step 3️⃣: Use the code AMYS15 at checkout to apply the discount

This offer is good through June 15, 2023.

You’d make a great Blanton Member: strolling the new grounds of the museum, exploring the innovative art installations, enjoying programs like Second Saturdays on the Moody Patio, and belonging to a diverse community that cherishes art and culture. Best of all, being a Blanton Member helps support Austin’s vibrant art scene.

Redeem Your Blanton Membership Offer Today!
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