The Ultimate Ice Cream On The Run

Make your event a true experience and add our fast & friendly Scoops, endless flavor combos and classic Amy’s toppings to your next party or large scale event. Whether it’s an informal office party or slammin’ music festival, we can handle it all.

Bring The Party to the People

Amy’s Ice Creams is known for creating both amazing small-batch ice creams and the ultimate customer experience when you walk into any of our stores. Why not bring that experience to your next event? With our host of friendly Scoops and a customizable menu of flavors and toppings, your guests will enjoy an awesome Ice Cream Social that will make their day and yours! Give us a call to put in your order today!

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Bring Ice Cream to the Masses

Have lots of guests? Don’t sweat it we’re built for non-stop ice cream eaters.

Bring a knockout vendor to your festival or large event. We’ve taken on SXSW, ACL, Dell Match Play, and Austin Ice Cream Festival among many others. Your attendees will love our turbocharged crew as we serve quickly and outrageously. #WillServeInTexasHeat

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Ice Cream on the Mooove

Fundraisers, community events, and festivals — we have the wheels if you have the way.  

Austin is a food truck city and we were food truckin’ before it was cool. Our bright and colorful trailer becomes a beacon for ice cream lovers. Bring the iconic Amy’s Ice Creams experience right to your event.

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The Faces of Catering

What makes Ice Cream Catering so great? The people and we have the ultimate moo crew!

Jim Lee

Catering Manager

Favorite Flavor:
Texas Dirt Cake

Favorite Topping:



Tori Hall

Houston Catering Manager

Favorite flavor:

Favorite topping:
Strawberries and Hot Fudge



Tommy Dieble

San Antonio Catering Manager

Favorite flavor:
Belgian Chocolate

Favorite topping: