Join Us For The 17th Annual Trick Olympics

“The Kentucky Derby: The race that stops the nation and starts the party.”

The most exciting two minutes in sports.

Tasting Tuesday – Classroom Cobbler – Sweet cream ice cream with butterscotch and Apple Cobbler blended throughout.

  • Chocolate Custard- Our Dark Chocolate and Custard ice creams blended together with Biscoff cookies mixed in for the ultimate chocolate decadence.

  • Garrison Brothers Mint Julep – A creative concoction that combines the rich notes of Garrison’s bourbon seamlessly churned into velvety ice cream and infusion of mint. The result is a harmonious fusion of aged bourbon’s warmth and the cool indulgence of classic ice cream. Indulge in a sophisticated treat that pays homage to tradition while offering a delightful twist on a beloved cocktail.

  • Mint Brownie– Our scrumptious Peppermint ice cream with brownie bites blended throughout.

  • Vietnamese Coffee – Sweet Cream, Turkish Ground Coffee, Sweet Condensed Milk, Biscoff Cookies

Of course, you may always switch out a curated pint with a Classic flavor:

  • Mexican Vanilla


  • Belgian Chocolate

  • Sweet Cream

  • Coffee

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Zilker Mint Chip

  • Need something Vegan? Email us:

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