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Amy’s Slumber Party

Grab some buddies, let’s relax and unwind!

Who needs sleep when you can stay up all night laughing and chatting with your besties?

Foodie Treat -Amy’s Holiday Crunch- Chex mix, M&Ms, pretzels and white chocolate

Tasting Tuesday – Marshmallow Truffle – Mexican Vanilla marshmallow ice cream and dark chocolate raspberry cups! Decadent and creamy!

  • Surprise & Delight – Ice Cream face mask and a super silky eye mask!

  • Chocolate Pretzel Nut – A salty sweet treat! We start with our Belgian Chocolate ice cream, we add extra cocoa, peanut butter, and crunchy pretzels! This one is a “can’t miss”!

  • Banana Cream Pie – Our velvety Cold Press Vanilla ice cream is complemented by the sweet and fruity notes of luscious pureed bananas and a generous helping of crumbled Biscoff cookies with subtle caramel undertones for that classic banana cream pie bite.

  • White Russian*– Much like the iconic cocktail this ice cream has vodka, Kahlua, and our Sweet Cream! You really can’t go wrong here!

  • Mint Chip Cookie Dough – Sweet Cream base, peppermint oil, creme de menthe, soft dark chocolate chunks, and house-made cookie dough! DELICIOUS!

Of course, you may always switch out a curated pint with a Classic flavor:

  • Mexican Vanilla


  • Belgian Chocolate

  • Sweet Cream

  • Coffee

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Zilker Mint Chip

  • Need something Vegan? Email us:

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