This diva of frozen treats starts with a luxurious sweet cream base, offering a fabulous foundation for a dazzling performance. But hold onto your wigs because we’ve got real glazed donuts stealing the spotlight and raspberry jam tucked right in! In My Donut Era is the quintessential flavor for your next kiki with Mistress Isabelle Brooks, or reality T.V. show binge! So, get ready to werk the dessert scene with this glazed sensation!

Oh and honey, don’t forget to try out our five other PRIDE-inspired flavors! Congress Parade is a bite-sized celebration with pink cake batter ice cream base and frosted animal crackers! Follow that up with Back Rolls, a spiced cinnamon Honey Bun ice cream twist or Rainbow Road loaded with tons of rainbow sprinkles and classic chocolate chips. Craving something a little fruitier!? Alphabet Squad brings together Lemon, Guava, Blueberries and Tang for a fierce flavor explosion, and Our Found Family is a berry delightful mix of Blueberry, Strawberry, and Blackberry Jam with white cake pieces tossed in!

Don’t miss out on the craze, taste the glaze! Join the scrumptious revolution of In My Donut Era ice cream and indulge in a frozen treat made with pride!

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