A photo of the brand New Desert Door X Amy's Ice Creams flavor combination.

Desert Door Texas and Amy’s Ice Creams have come up with a tried and true South Texas twist: Ruby Wrangler! Ruby Wrangler is a spirit infused ice cream inspired by the paloma cocktail and featuring Desert Door’s sotol. Sotol is a cousin to the agave and is raised in the West Texas Desert. It’s taste and smoothness rivals premium tequilas. Ruby Wrangler fuses vibrant grapefruit, Desert Door’s sotol, sage, and agave nectar for an unforgettable cup of ice cream.

Desert Door was the first commercially-produced sotol in the country. Desert Door’s Texas sotol is made from dasylirion texanum – a strain of sotol native to the West Texas desert; a distant cousin to the agave. Desert Door wild-harvests all of its sotol instead of farming, thus conserving land and water. Their distillery and tasting room are located in Driftwood, Texas. For more information, please visit desertdoor.com and follow @desertdoor on Instagram.

In the next few days Ruby Wrangler will be available at all Austin locations. This flavor will only be around while supplies last!

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